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Step 1

Furniture Layout

Creating a unique space demands proper consideration regarding the furniture to be placed. The place where you set the furniture is a decisive factor determining the tone of a room. We have creative experts who start the process with multiple furniture layout options from which you can choose the one you find suiting your need and taste the best.

Step 2


Detailed sketches that exactly illustrates every nook and corner of the building is made. This gives the team precise idea about how the whole scenario will look like. Their feedback is received and alteration needed are made before proceeding further.

Step 3

Material Selection

The material you select is of huge importance; it’s brand, quantity and pricing matters a lot. We make you available with a huge pool of options to choose from based on your requirements and budgetary limitations. There is an exclusive team for the same.

Step 4

Budget Planning

We understand that budget is a concern for one and all. Therefore our team inquires to you in detail about the amount you are planning to spend, priorities you have and in the areas where you would prefer to compromise for price-cutting. Based on that we plan in light of your budget.

Step 5

3D Presentation

A complete 3D presentation is provided to the customers in which they will be experiencing the visuals just as in case of a finished work. Before the project starts, comprehensive idea regarding the work will be communicated so that no hassles will be encountered in future.

Step 6

Technical Drawings

Our team effectively illustrates information of technical nature to you through prudent technical drawings. We create expressive images capable of conveying all relevant information through visual channels.